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Current Status: Finished my first season in Aus! Just returned from Val Thorrens for crimbo shred where i learnt to margerine blind 27 out on flat, looking for new headphoens to shred with..
Home Mountain: Piancavallo, Italy
Sponsors: Freeze Pro Shop, Hats 4 The Hill, NUCO, Home, Redbull
Best Tricks: Margerine blind 27 out, style backflip, 180 tail tap truck driver, Zero spin Blunt grab.
My Gear: Rossignol Scimitar (2010/11), Head Afterbang (2011/12), Nordica Fire-arrow (2012/13), Line Travelling Circus Skis 13/14
Skype: ahh hell nah!
The names matt...
I skid since i was 4 years old... which was in 96..
I am an architecture student, so i work a lot..
But i am a sport o' holic so i sport a lot too.
Peace out hombres Atomika09

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