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I enjoy the personal philosophy that we were granted the gift of life by god for no specific purpose and with no designated agenda. While I personally find it comforting to acknowledge the presence of God on a constant basis with prayer and adherence to some of the overarching Christian teachings I do not believe such work is necessary for salvation. As I previously mentioned I do not believe that humanity was created with any specific goal, only as a sort of spontaneous gift to the universe and to the idea of life. Without any ulterior motives, the gift of life becomes something extremely personal and not to be tampered wth by any extraneous force. The only purpose of life is to enjoy it, however, you may personally approach it, enjoyment is the most important. If your not enjoying your life you better change immediately because your wasting the ephemeral amount of seconds you have on earth.

I like to ski. I'd like to grow up and graduate to become an architect. My college sweetheart and I move in together just a couple miles away from our college town in Oregon. I ski at Hood of and on but as I climb the ranks of the architecture world skiing slowly becomes less and less a part of my life. Subconsciously this is why I am falling into depression. I get featured in a nationwide magazine as a top 100 architects in the united states, I however only display false senses of happiness to my family which now consists of me my wife Jennifer, three kids and an adopted cat named 'miss lady' by my two daughters' (I hate cats). I have one boy and two girls, the boy is nothing like me and displays now such senses of pride in fields that I once enjoyed as a child. 3 weeks later my wife throws me a 42 birthday party at which my age and recent accomplishments in work are celebrated. 2 months later I hear of my father's passing, this and my birthday party lead me to recognize how unhappy I am with my life and that I'm only getting older, my apparent mortality is becoming imminent. I begin to distance myself from the less enjoyable things in life, focusing less on work and skiing more, I love this new me. I drive to the mountain in an RV camper I bought the family for our anniversary 15 some years ago. I begin going to church more and talking to old friends, ultimately improving my personal situation and mental state. Jenifer complaints as to my listing motivation for work, my salary has been on a decrease ever since I began improving myself. Jennifer fed up files for divorce advocating for preposterous sums of money. Wanting basically 90% of our belongings, our kids, and unreasonably large amounts of money, reasoning that she's had to take car of all of this for the last several months (since I began my journey). For a reason I quite can't understand I don't really care, I almost feel free. I take enough money to barely sustain myself for 40 years, and ask for the R.V. When she denies my offer I Easily sneak away one night ( as we are now living separately) with Miss Lady (the cat), All of my skiing equipment, the 40 year cash, and the R.V (which Jen doesn't even use). My R.V. Now contains functioning functioning shower, heating, cooling, toilets as well as my considerably large Air Jordan collection, ski equipment, large T.V., Xbox, Beta fish tank, small fireplace, 8 board games, queen sleeper, fridge and lots of food, small hot tub, wifi, ukulele (which I have learned to play with my free time), world flag collection,clothes, and other small knick knacks to tedious to name. After sneaking away I spend 40 years traveling the country skiing at every hill in the continental united states, even making a small 3 year trip to Canada at one point. Sleeping around and enjoying myself beyond compare. In my early 80's I settle down around Lake Tahoe and spend the rest of my time skiing there. As I have been living in an R.V, for the past 40 some years I still have a fair amount of money left. I have made deal with Tahoe area ski hills to let me ski for free in exchange for all my stories from the past 40 years which I eventually publish and make more money. My R.V is permanently parked in the vast and remote forests around Tahoe, just where I like it. I ski every day and finish it off sitting by the fire outside my R.V. and staring at the stars eventually going inside at around 12AM where I drink brandy and watch The Office reruns for an hour before going to bed. When I know I'm getting to the end I have all my money turned into gold bars and create a chest for them. I take the chest and bury it in the snow at the end of one of my favorite powder runs. One day I begin to hike to the summit at around 5 PM it is getting dark but I know this is the end. By the time I reach the summit it is now dark, ( even tough I'm now 96 I can ski just as well as I could when I was 30). Looking at the stars I drop in. It begins snowing my skis swim through the powder and I am engulfed in the mix of powder and fresh snow. It's 0 degrees and I'm feeling great, Transcendental even. The rush of powder and snow, as I frolic through the powder, is one of the most astonishing feelings. I reach the bottom and my skis slow. I uncontrollably collapse into the snow and Let out One last deep Jolly laugh, I feel no pain. I don't feel alone, I feel warm and unexplainably free as I lay there.Starting up I loose myself in the stars as I slowly drift into unconsciousness. I feel myself rise and am overcome with joy as everything Is bright and I stare into the beautiful face of Jesus Christ. I am happy, My life is complete. AmateurPilgrim

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