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Todd Ligare's "Prototype"

Mar 18th - 302 views

Follow the big-mountain legend Todd Ligare to Valdez, AK for the culmination of a winter, captured during a short but sweet trip with fortuitous weather, snow, and stability that allowed the crew to attack little-explored terrain in ideal conditions.
“There’s so much excitement rolling into these trips, and we show almost every single run we took. "Prototype" is a document of a magical window where everything came together.”
- Todd Ligare

Edit: Jodie Stackhouse
Cinematography: Kadison Pelletier & Brody Jones
Photos : Daniel Stewart

"Kodama" - Headbud Crew in Japan

Mar 6th - 870 views

There’s a mystical feeling in the white birch forests of Japan during a storm. The wind, the clouds, and the snow makes it seem like a different world. It’s common to feel a presence, like something must be just behind the next tree. Kodama. The tree ghosts.

A crew consisting of AR Fam skiers Josh Absenger and Luggi Brucic, along with filmer Fabi Hayden and photographer Sebastien (Bastl) Höllward headed to Hokkaido to immerse themselves in the famously deep snow and unique cultural charms of the Japanese mountains. Having known each other for 20 years, everyone was hyped to collaborate and shred in mountains near Kiroro Resort.

Shadows Fade | Quinn Wolferman

Jan 23rd - 3.3K views

Shadows Fade - An unassuming solo project.

Edited by: Clayton Vila & Loren Creer

Principal Cinematography: Justin Mayers

Additional Cinematography: Caleb Ely, Hotlaps Official (Andrew Gayda),
Reid Ferguson, AJ Dakoulas

Music: ThxSoMuch- SPIT IN MY FACE!

Givenchy (feat. Asaad)
1017 ALYX 9SM

Do It (Remix) (feat. Jam City & Aidan)
1017 ALYX 9SM

Supported By: Monster Energy & Armada Skis


Nov 2023 - 226 views

90 pairs of skis, each a unique creation and part of the larger masterpiece. These collector’s pieces were hand painted by MADSTEEZ himself amid snow, lightning and thunder during a storm in the Austrian mountains. Own a piece of history and get your hands on one these custom Madsteez ARVs.

Filmed By: Emil Granöö, ECook and Lukas Schäfer

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“En Particulier” a film from Phil Casabon & Brady Perron

Nov 2018 - 9.7K views

Catch Phil Casabon’s iconic mystique unveiled by filmer and friend Brady Perron during their time spent shooting Phil's X Games Real Ski 2018 winning video. "En Particulier" takes the viewer through Casabon’s passionate process, raw thrill and Quebec roots. His playfulness, determination and coordination play out for 23 minutes of intimacy, struggle and heavy tricks, letting the audience get a closer look into Casabon's mind and chemistry surrounding his beloved craft.

Directed, Shot and Edited by
Brady Perron @b_person

Skiing and Music Supervision by
Phil Casabon @casablunt

Music by Cloud Collision

Special thanks Emile Bergeron and Alexandre Casabon

Presented by Armada, Blue Tomato and Full Tilt

WRECKALLECTIONS: The Mike Hornbeck Mini Movie

Sep 2013 - 17K views

ARMADA presents "WRECKALLECTIONS", the Mike Hornbeck mini movie. Mike Hornbeck spent his entire 2012/13 season filming his own short movie with the intent to release online for free by season's end. Follow him as he travels to British Columbia, Japan, Korea, Sweden, and California. At the end of the season Hornbeck finds himself back in his hometown in Michigan, where he reflectss on all the places he skied and people he met along the way. Created and Edited by: Mike Hornbeck and Corey Stanton Cinematography: Corey Stanton Mitch Cheek Ante Olofsson Tack Narita