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'A Suede Film'

Jan 2020 - 44K views

This is the first movie produced by SUÉDE. Capturing a bunch of Swedish true dudes during the season. Starting off with Eurotrip and goes throughout the beautiful springtime in the Swedish mountains.


Joel magnusson
Vilmer ivarsson
Benjamin Carlund
Anton Lindén
Oliver Karlberg
Kalle Bogren
Emil larsson
Måns bertz Wågström
Niklas Höiem
Emil Granbom

Countries filmed in:

Produced and filmed by: SUÈDE

Main editing: Emil larsson
Additional editing: SUÈDE


~ Absolem ~

Dec 2019 - 1.7K views

Freshen yourself as you let your mind ease into this ride thru skiing's wonderland, Kimbo Sessions. Watch the smooth duo, Perron & Casabon, stylized approach blend together like ital ingredients.

Song by SiR - D'Evils
Ski & Edit by Phil Casabon
Ski & Camera by Brady Perron
Title by Joseph Toney

NUANCE Trailer: A film by Brady Perron about Phil Casabon

Sep 2019 - 4.5K views

Phil Casabon and go-to filmmaker friend Brady Perron use a fresh recipe in their latest piece Nuance. Using their strong chemistry, the duo flips a new page, hitting home for skiers and beyond. Phil continues taking chances to grow and push his craft, a task easier said than done. Motivated by a ski background and Quebecois heritage, Perron shoots to reflect a lesser-known side of Casabon. Nuance keeps a high-performance ski standard but manifests Phil’s spiritual connection and obsession with his savoir-faire. Casabon’s goofy youthfulness remains strong while an increasingly intense focus looms. Nuance digs into a hands-on and harsh journey, one scattered with wintry vibes, Phil’s je ne sais quois and a fistful of special moments. A contrasting collection of audio and imagery represent the healing, fun, and dismay necessary for Casabon to fulfill his goals. Perron’s lens and post-production glue together a souvenir of months shooting rather than a document.

Shot and edited by Brady Perron
Titles by Joseph Toney
Animations by Corey Ryan
Narration by Elisa Lasowski
An adaptation of Run and Hide by Jay Electronica and the Bullitts

Additional footage by Emile Bergeron, JF Houle, Raphael Sevigny

Presented by Armada

Support from Wells Lamont, Full Tilt, Blue Tomato and Tall T Productions

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“En Particulier” a film from Phil Casabon & Brady Perron

Nov 2018 - 6.2K views

Catch Phil Casabon’s iconic mystique unveiled by filmer and friend Brady Perron during their time spent shooting Phil's X Games Real Ski 2018 winning video. "En Particulier" takes the viewer through Casabon’s passionate process, raw thrill and Quebec roots. His playfulness, determination and coordination play out for 23 minutes of intimacy, struggle and heavy tricks, letting the audience get a closer look into Casabon's mind and chemistry surrounding his beloved craft.

Directed, Shot and Edited by
Brady Perron @b_person

Skiing and Music Supervision by
Phil Casabon @casablunt

Music by Cloud Collision

Special thanks Emile Bergeron and Alexandre Casabon

Presented by Armada, Blue Tomato and Full Tilt

WRECKALLECTIONS: The Mike Hornbeck Mini Movie

Sep 2013 - 16.2K views

ARMADA presents "WRECKALLECTIONS", the Mike Hornbeck mini movie. Mike Hornbeck spent his entire 2012/13 season filming his own short movie with the intent to release online for free by season's end. Follow him as he travels to British Columbia, Japan, Korea, Sweden, and California. At the end of the season Hornbeck finds himself back in his hometown in Michigan, where he reflectss on all the places he skied and people he met along the way. Created and Edited by: Mike Hornbeck and Corey Stanton Cinematography: Corey Stanton Mitch Cheek Ante Olofsson Tack Narita