18/19 Edit | Camden Williams

by Cami.Will
May 25th - 300 views

Dedicated to Clark Schmitt Thanks to everyone in the credits + more. This season would not be possible without you guys. Filmed By: Douglas Wells, George Muntean, Gleb Goedtel, Tim Mcauliffee, Mom, Brandon Stanyer Filmed At: Pine Knob, Mt. Brighton, Alpine Valley, Mount St.Louis Moonstone Extra Thanks To: Pine Knob Park Crew, Jacob Corsi, Matt Corsi, Brighton Air Cadets, Blake Burr, Pine Knob knuckle kids Music: Gorillaz - Tranz @cami.will

Options in the alpsthread

by ezav
May 25th 2019 - Ski Gabber

Im planning a trip to the alps for the end of next march. Ive never been, so just wanted to hear about the places youve been at, suggestions etc. Obv emphasis on all mtn, but having a nice park is definitely a big plus. I’m also going to be with a big group, so we’re looking for a place where accommodat…

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Using wax scrapings...we are desperately in need of waxthread

by slime_bone
May 24th 2019 - Ski Gabber

title says it all, I have access to a waxing iron but no wax, however there is a shit ton of fresh wax shavings on the bench. Now being the resourceful and poor asshole I am I only want to use scrapings. Anyone done this?will it work? What’s the age of consent in Oregon?

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Mammoth Employee Housingthread

by d_kol
May 24th 2019 - Ski Gabber

Yoo so I'm moving to Mammoth in a month to work for the summer and settle in before the season starts. I was hoping someone could provide me with some info / recommendations regarding the employee housing options, and whatever other info may be helpful. I'm 21, from NY, and I know literally no one there, so I'm defin…

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Slush Mumps at A-Basinthread

by Biffbarf
May 24th 2019 - Ski Gabber

Get fuckin' vax'd you dirty hippies wtf http://arapahoebasin.blogspot.com/2019/05/important-information-for-our-guests.html?m=1

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First Time At Hood - Ski Tape

by sharpski
May 24th - 231 views

My first experience at hood was pretty much the most fun i've ever had on skis, met so many good people from all around the country. Big thanks to the TCM boys for including me on this trip, as well as everyone that filmed, I love you all.


by AlexYoung3
May 24th - 321 views

A short video of some clips I filmed in the streets of Minnesota this past winter. Thank you Pinewskis for supporting me. Filmed and edited by Erik Olsen and Jon Mcmurry Special Thanks: Jon Mcmurry, Erik Olsen, Pete Croasdale, Cole Magnuson, Clay Lobben, Jacob Harms, Ben Egan, Nick Foster, and everyone else who helped.


by GKC
May 24th - 25 views

this is one out of two summaries of the skiing that we have been doing this past winter, hope you enjoy! :) skiers: Herkant Felix Pettersson Jonathan Eklund Alexander Johansson Benjamin Carlund Murwin Leo Bergström Johannes Omma music: BADBADNOTGOOD - Speaking Gently Dionne Warwick - Walk on by http://www.icelanticskis.se https://skidad.com