K2 Reckoner coreshot / blown sidewall repairthread

by brownetown
Apr 15th 2024 - Gear Talk

Found a pair of reckoner 112s for 50 bucks. They've only been skied a couple of times and are basically brand new, but have some pretty nasty damage right underfoot. I'm not super handy with heavy repairs like these and you guys are actually lowkey smart when it comes to this stuff so I figured I'd seek some advice. Fo…

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All The Homies

by gmdlodge
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Slopeside Season Finale Group Edit WINNER!
By Dan Parisi, Payton Whalen, Joe Nuzzulo, Kyle Joseph, Max Freund, Bri Young, Mikayla Young.

Fire Clips

by gmdlodge
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Slopeside Cafe Season Finale Group Edit by: Michael Mcintire, Jackson Rys, Adam Strassburger, and Elliot Craig