MOMENTUM - A Ski Movie

published Nov 2020 - 360 views

The season who started without big expectations, but ended up as maybe the best season ever.
This movie showcases the simple joy of skiing, in a season that just kept getting better and better as the MOMENTUM gained.

Riders: Alexander Levang, Oddgeir Tjelta, Benjamin Sirevåg, Henrik Hovland, Cornelius Polderman, Lars Amdal, Sindre Larsen, Runar Tjørhom, André Ydstebø, Anders Sletten, Stein Ådneram, Marius Auflem, Torjus Sirekrok, Benjamin Teigen, Mads Felix, Jon Erik Tengesdal, William Kelly, Marius Justad, Simen Norheim, Marcus Melhus, Sivert Benjaminsen, Tore Hovland, Sondre Norheim

Locations: Sirdal, Hunnedalen, Raulandsfjell, Fidjeland, Vierli, Tryvann, Lyse, Folgefonna


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