Full Casper Lift Fight - long and mostly boring

published Mar 2017 - 62,417 views

Short explanation, The snowboarder's kid fell on a feature in the stash park, we ask him to move to the side, (1:15 mark) he did, and as he and his mom (in the yellow jacket) skied past she said to my mom (Pinkish Purple jacket), "thanks bitch" and skied away. Lower down the run and not visible in the video, I in the blue and white, skied past her and said, "watch what you say" then I skied away. I mean she had just swore at my mom. Then she goes to say something to my mom around the 3:07 mark. My buddy who recorded the whole thing kept skiing to the bottom and thats when the fight happened. In short, the mom in yellow was the one swearing at everyone, and I definitely never swore at or threatened the kids.

Playtime: 00:09:51


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