Kicker Rail

published Jul 2016 - 613 views

In April, I returned to my hometown for a photoshoot on a kicker rail I designed. I was supposed to be there filming on the feature for five days and had a whole line up of tricks I wanted to get done. Unfortunately, on the first day of filming, I slipped out on the rail, hit my head on the knuckle and knocked myself out cold. One concussion, two lost teeth and three days later I went back up to hit the feature a few more times to try and salvage the last day of the shoot. The tricks I ended up getting aren't quite what I had originally hoped for but I'm happy with how the video turned out considering the circumstances!

Credit: Michael Clarke & George Knowles

Skier: Gus Kenworthy

Location: Telluride, CO

Artist: Iamisee

Music: "Only Human"


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