13 (1999)

published Nov 2014 - 13,522 views

http://www.poorboyz.com Johnny Decesare/PBP 3rd freestyle ski movie that released in 1999. Featured Skiers are JP Auclair, Shane Szocs, Mike Douglas, Vinny Dorion, JF Cusson, Dan Treadway, Mike Atkinson, Josh Loubek, Toben Sutherland, Trennon Paynter, Mark McDonnell, Evan Dybvig, Phil Belanger, Phil Larose, Phil Dion, Kevin Douglas, Scott Meyer, Shane Anderson, Evan Raps, Candide Thovex, Shannon Schad, Glen Plake, Seth Morrison, Jonny Moseley, Julien Regnier Laforge, Mike Mikalchuk, Toby Dawson, and Philou Poirier

Credit: Poor Boyz Productions

Playtime: 00:39:59

Music: punk


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