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this is our basis.

we got out of the park in an effort to do something we have never done. i took a step back from competing due to a shoulder injury that i had been dealing with for 3 years. my body just wasn’t up for another year of the competition circuit. it also didn’t feel viable for me to do long term. i felt as though it was time to rethink my path in skiing.

i linked up with jack benziger and we talked about doing something we had never done before. we wanted to expand our how we approached skiing and filming. prior to our last trip, lucas herbert came into the mix with a really good eye for photos and made a second angle for shots possible. now we have a small crew with a big vision. for this, we wanted to make something we can look back on and feel the emotion we had while experiencing it for the first time. we hope you feel it too.

i skied all season, dislocating my shoulder just about every time i crashed. i would just put it back in and keep going. it got to the point that it would come out in my sleep. i knew surgery was the only option. i scheduled the surgery for two days after we finished filming in oregon. i was over dealing with the constant pain.

we have all learned so much from making this project and we want to thank everyone who gave us the opportunity to go out on these adventures, learn, and experience amazing places.

we hope you enjoy.

much love,



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