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PSYCHOACTIV is the culmination of one's skiing experience.

Skiing the streets alters mood, behaviour, cognition & perception. Much like a psychoactive substance we use skiing recreationally, medically or spiritually to purposefully enhance our lives.
Much like a psychoactive substance it created some hardships for some of us with head injuries changing our lives & shaping our uncertain future.

We worked hard to showcase the many versions of ourselves we encounter on life's path. Emotions shape our perception & in this ski film we hope you can truly feel how every mood is important to create a well balanced life. We wish to never shy away from the hard times that shape us.

Directed by Rudy Lepine.

Produced by Rudy Lepine & Tristan Steen.

Filmed by Tristan Steen, Etienne Yockell, Rudy Lepine, William Pichette, Loïc Thivierge & Oscar Weary.

Edited by Tristan Steen & Rudy Lepine.

Skiing by William Pichette, Loïc Thivierge, Oscar Weary & Rudy Lepine.

Supported by ON3P Skis, Guayaki Yerba Mate & Arsenic Anywhere.

We want to thank the people who are in our lives. Our families, friends, partners & supporters that believe in us and push us everyday to be our better selves. So many people to name but you know who you are. We appreciate you.

Which mood do you find yourself stuck in? How many emotions can you identify in the movie? Let us know how you think you can be true to yourself in the comments.


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