WTRP: Spirit

published Oct 2022 - 2,397 views

Anywhere With The Right People.

in order of trick appearance:
Drew Agard (@dagard_)
Faelan Coldwater
Jake Johnson (@jakejohnson3)
John Degelau (@john18061806)
Parker Nelson (@skummyskier)
Max Gezel (@max_gezel)
Charlie Gezel (@charliegezel)
Adrian (@1800jib)
Joel Tiburzi
Brendon Kennedy (@kfgm)
Earl Foster (@beautifulearl)
Connor Vowels (@convow_)
Sage (@theruler74)
Doca Pepelnjak (@doca.pep)

Thanks to everyone involved!

Film/Edit: @number1.suspect

s/o @-Dan


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