SQUALL - A Tallboyz Street Ski Video

published May 2022 - 314 views

\ ˈskwȯl \
A sudden violent gust of wind or a localized storm, especially one bringing rain, snow, or sleet.

Like most years in recent memory here in CT, this winter was short lived and underwhelming to say the least. Although we only recived a few small storms here on the coastline, we hit the streets in full force. Thanks to everyone who came out, shoveled a spot, held a camera, watched for cars, brought us beer, or pulled me in via a shovel. Your support means the world.

Andrew Leverton
Matt Labash
Rob Roth
Braden Langis
Chandler Hoefle
Derek Franco
Ryder Wink
Jack Otis

Main Camera: Dave Gunn
Additional Filmers: Derek Franco & Amelia Sersen
Shot in 2022 in CT & NH


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