T2B Tuesdays – Organ Grinder 2.0 | Snowbird | 2021-2022

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Top To Bottom (T2B) Tuesdays | Organ Grinder, @snowbird 🦈❄️
Low tide conditions may exist but the good snow and good times are still out there! This zone has become one of my favorites and what makes Snowbird what it is. Raw, rocky, steep, technical, and nothing fancy. Marcus Caston introduced me to this zone during my first or second season at Snowbird. It was on the right side of Organ Grinder where it looked like there wasn't enough snow for anyone to ski it and that type of terrain isn't anything like what I came from at Hunter Mountain in NY. He proved me wrong and that opened my eyes to what was actually skiable.
Every Tuesday. Raw, uncut, top-to-bottom runs.
No fluff and no music, so you can feel the wind in your face just like I do.
Location: @snowbird | Organ Grinder
Date: 02/05/22
#snowbird #t2btuesday #t2b

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