The Sacred Grounds: Part One | Formation

published Feb 2022 - 590 views

Kye Petersen & Friends.
Pursuing their dreams & putting teamwork to the test, a group of close friends seek to turn time back & pioneer unexplored corners of the deep wilderness on skis. Part 1 of the 'Sacred Grounds Series' [Presented by Marker] takes us along this journey into an unexplored zone isolated by water known as 'Barney Bay', as well as into the Sea to Sky Corridor mountains which shaped these skiers since youth. Seeking solitude can be viewed as a loss of connection; not in this case. Without being flooded with daily distractions and media, only surrounded by mother nature and her offerings, the clarity and achievements are uncanny.

Skier: Kye Petersen, Callum Pettit, Matty Richard, Tatum

Location: Sea To Sky


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