Slim To None: Montana Seg

published Dec 2021 - 3,058 views

Montana Segment from Slime To None. Buy the movie to see the full project.

Keegan Kilbride collaborates with Cam Willis to direct his first ski movie in a shift to showcase his friends, and his skiing in a display that aligns most accurately with his vision. Slim to None takes you to various locations around the U.S in this new film capturing what a season of stacking segments in-between work hours looks like.

Directed, Produced and Edited by
Keegan Kilbride and Cam Willis

Principle Cinematography
Cam Willis

Additional Cinematography

Ethan Timmons
Mike Babbit
Keegan Kilbride
Josh Berman
Blake Kimmel
Jake Strassman
Tristian Anderson
Nick Hall


Keegan Kilbride
Ben Smith
Chris Logan
Will Berman
Birk Irving
Seamus Flanagan
Charlie Babcock

Jamie Walter

Art Direction & Motion
Jack Byers

Andrew Seen

Supported by

TallT Productions
Paul Dowell
Full Tilt
Connor Clayton
Wells Lamont Snow
Will Berman
Katrina Hudy
Orono Brewing Company
Abe Furth
Dan Aslam
Armada Skis
Phil Potter
Adam Spensley
Jamie Walter

Special Thanks to

Paul Dowell
Seamus Kilbride
Freddy Mcarthy
Conor Smith
Evan Walls
Mike Tufts & Ox
Cody Taylor
Kerri McDonough
Joe Big Air Donovan
Tommy Cogswell
Devin Kearns & Crew
Winter Park Resort
Mark Spinney
Level 1 Productions
Trevor Kennison
Conor Smith
Woodward at Copper
Clayton Vila
Big Air Joe
Mark Spinney
Erica at Vialé Denver
Grace Conway
Jaron Stadler
Last Chance Pizza
Nate Mckenzie


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