Black Winter//Episode 1

by sharpski
Feb 2016 - 1.9K views

Black Winter... a 3 part street skiing series. (Watch in HD)

Produced by:
Carson Sharp.

Supported by:
-Faction Skis.
-Trails and Slopes Timmins.

Music and other information located in credits.

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Freshman Boy 17'

by sharpski
Oct 2017 - 3.6K views

First year of college BABY!
Thanks to all the people I met along the way and the homies that filmed, ready to turn it up a notch and go 10x harder next year
Skier: Carson Sharp

First Time At Hood - Ski Tape

by sharpski
May 2019 - 1.1K views

My first experience at hood was pretty much the most fun i've ever had on skis, met so many good people from all around the country. Big thanks to the TCM boys for including me on this trip, as well as everyone that filmed, I love you all.