Cole Tepper 12/13

by lapgod69
Aug 2018 - 430 views

Thanks to everyone that helped make this season possible for me! Fairly stoked on how my edit turned out for how many days I went skiing this year! Equiptment: Canon…

Fashionably Lazy

by lapgod69
Aug 2018 - 2.1K views

Whistler Blackcomb Glacier 2018 Skiing: Cole Tepper. Big thanks to everyone up on the mountain inspiring me, hyping me up and Wesley Rumble for filming!

Cole T 2019 Season

by lapgod69
May 2019 - 330 views

Thank you to all the filmers! Especially Wesley Rumball & Johanna Nilsson
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3rd Season in Whistler
22 Years old.

Pan Handeling

by lapgod69
Dec 2019 - 1.2K views

Wesley Rumball & I pulled the cam out for a few icy laps today. :)

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Youtube & Soundcloud: Cole Tepper

Oh! Sweet Nuthin'

by lapgod69
Mar 2020 - 514 views

luckily got a couple black park clips of the homies before the mountain closed, fingers crossed its just for a week.. pray for the reopen!

Liberty Skis Sponsor Me Contest

by lapgod69
Apr 2020 - 2.2K views

Hi my name is Cole Tepper, I was born in Cranbrook BC, Canada on May 18th 1997, started skiing at the age of 2 or 3 and was quickly introduced to racing for about 8 years then switched and started seriously pursuing lines in the big mountain & terrain parks around the age of 14. I have lived in Whistler for the past 4 seasons. Follow me on instagram @ lapgod69