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by codyray
Apr 2013 - 953 views

I didn't get as much filming done as I wouldve liked to. But my friends and I got a few shots that I could use to throw together a little edit. Thanks to my sponsors: Monster Energy, K2 Skis, Discrete Headwear, and Akomplice Clothing


by codyray
Mar 2014 - 432 views

Been traveling a lot this season for competitions but have been able to do a little filming on the side.

Hood Shit

by codyray
Jul 2014 - 2.1K views

Instagram: @codywilderray Got to film a day at Hood public park. Thanks to Akomplice, K2, and Monster Energy.

"summer 2018"

by codyray
Aug 2018 - 3.9K views

Short recap of my summer. Didn't get to film as much as I would've liked, but was able to get a few clips. Thanks to Pete Obrien, Jack Benziger, Kiernan and Deven Fagan, and Dan Villaire for pointing the camera at me sometimes. Also thank you to Woodward Copper and Momentum Ski Camps for letting me ski! Biggest thanks to Dan Villaire and Armada Skis for the opportunity to go to Whistler. Even though the weather didn't hold up and I only got ONE clip, so much fun was still had. Only 2 more months of waiting.....


by codyray
May 2019 - 1.3K views

few hours at park city on a sunny day. Thank you AJ Dakoulas and Jack Price for filming me!!

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