2023 Commencal Ski Gear

Commencal Absolut

2023 Skis

Two new sizes, new phenol and fiberglass reinforcements under the foot, new reinforced edges, and a new, stronger topsheet. This new version of ABSOLUT is the result of two years of intensive testing.
 The Absolut's twin-tip shape and tight radius make it fast and sturdy, with double-layer Triax Fibre and Biax…

  • Sizes: 168, 176, 182
  • Dimensions: 119.7 - 92 - 116.6

Commencal Absolut Kids

2023 Skis

We've always thought that kids deserve products just as good as adults. With these new ABSOLUT Kids, that's what we've done! A downscaled version of the ABSOLUT, there's no room for cheapness and neglect, with similar construction and features. With its full Poplar core, its Biax fiber and high-density bases, the AB…

  • Sizes: 137, 147, 157
  • Dimensions: 117 - 87 - 115

Commencal Clash

2023 Skis

The ski that started it all. We believe that to have fun in the mountains, it is essential to have an efficient tool that knows how to be forgotten, it is the FS Backcountry par excellence, easy, stable and fun. For this new version, the Poplar core is back to provide an incomparable touch of snow. Whether you're c…

  • Sizes: 170, 176, 182, 188
  • Dimensions: 139mm / 106mm / 125mm

Commencal Meta

2023 Skis

Commencal's flagship bike, the META, brought to snow. Like the bike, it's designed to be a daily driver, fun no matter the conditions. The 2023 META is an excellent one ski quiver, combining lightness, liveliness on the piste and buoyancy in deep snow conditions. In its MY23 version, the META has a brand new Poplar cor…

  • Sizes: 165, 172, 179, 186
  • Dimensions: 134.5mm / 99mm / 116mm

Commencal Supreme

2023 Skis

The Supreme is a freeride weapon! With a beastly 118mm underfoot platform and a 187 length this is going to provide float and charge on the deepest of days. It's 23m radius has been designed around putting the Commencal Supreme on the Freeride World Tour and the feet of Commencal Canada athletes. It can handle everywhe…

  • Sizes: 178, 187
  • Dimensions: 149mm / 118mm / 129mm

Commencal T.E.M.P.O.

2023 Skis

This ski goes everywhere, for everyone! Whether you're carving, touring, bar hopping or just cruising the slopes and surrounding areas, the T.E.M.P.O is your ideal companion. With a 90mm waist width, the T.E.M.P.O is a versatile, easy-to-handle and above all, invigorating ski. With its 100% paulownia core, it is the li…

  • Sizes: 160, 168, 176, 184
  • Dimensions: 128mm / 90mm / 116.3mm

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