2020 Deviation Ski Gear

Deviation The Ballistic

2020 Skis

Newschoolers' Quick Review: The Ballistic is a perfect ski for the individual who needs a one-ski quiver and spends some time in the park and most of their time all over the mountain in harder snow conditions. They’re a bit too stiff and directional to be a pure park ski (unless you only hit big jumps), and a …

  • Sizes: 165, 174, 182 cm
  • Dimensions: 125 / 99 / 122 mm

Deviation The Limit

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Whether you’re a spoiled local, an annual pilgrim to Alaska, or just an unapologetic snow snob, the full-rocker Limit is the ultimate powder-slaying tool for those days when it’s worth calling in sick to work (or possibly quitting your job altogether). Our widest waist and …

  • Sizes: 174, 185, 193 cm
  • Dimensions: 141 / 118 / 135 mm

Deviation The Mode

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Inspired by the extended vertical drop and sometimes-variable conditions in Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon, the Mode is the go-to option for big-mountain skiers who need their sticks to perform between storms just as well as they do after an epic powder dump. Unexpectedly responsive f…

  • Sizes: 159, 168, 178, 188 cm
  • Dimensions: 143 / 112 / 132 mm

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