2020 Crosson Ski Ski Gear

Crosson Ski Imperium

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: The foundation of any quiver is a versatile all-mountain ski, capable of dominating any terrain and snow condition the mountain throws at it; the Imperium does just that, dominate. With a versatile degree of camber underfoot and rocker at the tip, the Imperium is primed to edge, carve, fl…

  • Sizes: 169, 177, 186 cm
  • Dimensions: 138 / 103 / 124 mm

Crosson Ski Maurader

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: The Marauder is designed for those special mornings where you hear bombs exploding on the way to the mountain. It's been nuking snow overnight, and you need the right tool to allow you to float through the fresh powder and pounce through the crud. The Marauder is just that, built with a wi…

  • Sizes: 169, 177, 186 cm
  • Dimensions: 140 / 116 / 131 mm

Crosson Ski Raider

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Versatile, stable, playful. Measuring in at 95mm underfoot, the Raider dominates on groomers and moguls; while at the same time performs great in deep and wet snow. The Raider encompasses the mount point of a traditional all-mountain ski and allows you to really drive the tip while still b…

  • Sizes: 169, 182 cm
  • Dimensions: 130 / 95 / 120 mm

Crosson Ski Rogue

2020 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: When full-send is the way of life and you prefer to jump, slide, spin and glide, the Rogue is the ski of choice; a high-performance park ski crafted of the finest prepreg carbon fiber for exceptional lightweight flex and handling. Its aggressive camber and sidecut offer unparalleled grip…

  • Sizes: 177 cm
  • Dimensions: 114 / 82 / 107 mm

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