2018 Atomic Ski Gear

Atomic Backland 117 FR

2018 Skis

Characteristics: Powerful, Stable, Versatile Manufacturer's Description: The 2018 Atomic Backland FR 117 was one of those skis that many of our customers inquired about. They knew that the ski got 10% stiffer in 2016 and last year they changed the ski to be 10% lighter thanks to HRZN Tech which is also used in …

  • Sizes: 179, 186, 193
  • Dimensions: 141 / 117 / 130

Atomic Bent Chetler

2018 Skis

Newschoolers' Review: The Bent Chetler is an icon of a ski. They're extremely surfy, float great and are very playful offering infinite buttery fun! They carve well, but they do chatter a lot compared to other skis in the same bracket (ON3P Jeffrey 116, Volkl Bash 116 etc) and they are also noticeably heavier…

  • Sizes: 178, 185, 192
  • Dimensions: 142 / 120 / 134

Atomic Punx 5

2018 Skis

Characteristics: Playful, Light, Cheap Manufacturer's Description: The new Atomic Punx 5 is a great freestyle ski with a light and snappy feeling. The Full Cap Construction and Light Woodcore give you some boost when you hit some speed or get ready to send it off a big jump. Park Rocker has a rockered tip and…

  • Sizes: 150, 160, 170, 175
  • Dimensions: 122 / 85 / 112

Atomic Punx 7

2018 Skis

Newschoolers' Review: I think the Punx are the best bang for the buck this year from what I have seen and ridden so far. I love supporting the little guys and the core groups in this industry. That is very important. But I also enjoy skiing on top quality and excellent performing skis. Atomic, don't get your hopes…

  • Sizes: 164, 170, 176, 182
  • Dimensions: 110.5 / 184 / 110.5