1966 Vintage Magazine (SFW) - Ski Europe - A light morning read.

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Had me some “light reading” over a croissant and double shot of espresso this morning.

PLAYBOY – November 1966

Skiing Europe

“If you like your mountains high, your trails covered with fluffy powder or hard pack: if you prefer variety in people, ski terrain and uphill transport, plus the odd, challenging and mad mixed with the traditional and the quaint, you will find European skiing irresistible”…

This Playboy covers, well, skiing in Europe (54 years ago). They give quick, to the point, statements regarding small ski towns in Sweden, France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy along with a few pages photo essay to what it was like in those towns. Technology sure has changed but the lifestyle and “calling” that drives so many of us towards skiing existed all those years ago.

It’s not a hard copy to purchase online and relatively easy to find.

@skiandsnowboardarchive on instagram for more.

Credit: Hugh Hefner

Location: Europe; United States

People Art Europe


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