Zermatt Glacier Cliff

published Sep 2018 - 572 views

Im gonna tell you the shortened version of this story. It was a crazy spring day out exploring the theodul glacier with the Spanish carbones the exit of the bottom of this glacial valley had turned into a flowing river by 6.30pm when we finally got there, there was one last sketchy af looking snow bridge to cross. It collapsed and I went in, and I threw my skis over as I went in and just about made it out. I was soaked through and my phone was destroyed, the Spaniards didn’t have one with battery or signal between them either. I had been waiting for them in the cold for hours before they had arrived to see that our only exit was through the river , up and over another small mountain, down a couloir and then another flat poling ski with snowboarders and then a walk back.. They were on the other side of a huge boulder when I went into the ice cold water, obviously now that I had collapsed the bridge we would all be getting wet. They then had trudge across waist deep in a fast flowing ice river, one at a time. Except for Juan who had loads of camera stuff and all his touring gear so that was a couple of back and forths for sure.
We got home just after 11pm as a full team, all half frozen with boots full of water and fresh blisters. We rolled up a couple of hash doobs and had a proper cup of tea. I had never been soo relieved so get home..

Photo - Juan Aipuru


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