Human Being Ep 6 Premiere - Shameless Hype With Gussy's Pic

published Apr 2018 - 4,813 views

Photo of Troll Park Crew/Local Josh Guslander | Come watch the premiere of Trollhaugen Human Being, Ep 6 in the Skolhaugen Lounge on Bonus Day April 21! Door prizes from ON3P Skis. FREE ADMITTANCE to the showing. We'll also recap Ep 1-5 of this season with filmer/editor Nick Schoess.

The trolls will be back on the Haugen Saturday, April 21, 10am-5pm. Chairs will be running. Ropes will be spinning. The Skolhaugen Lounge will be open @ 11am, premiering Trollhaugen Human Being, Episode 6 @ 5:30pm.

Lifts: Any Troll 17/18 Season Pass or $30 lifts. $20 with a 17/18 Season Pass from any other area. 👊 Hope to be 100% open with an 8-72" base.

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