Russian Freestyle Games 2018

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Russian Freestyle Games at Happy Hour Camp, March 19 - 25
The annual winter freestyle event, Russian Freestyle Games, is back all anew! On March 19-25, the Sunny Valley ski resort located in Miass (Chelyabinskaya Oblast’) will host the second spring freestyle camp titled Happy Hour Camp, featuring 2018 Russian Freestyle Games as part of its program. With freeski big air and slopestyle announced for both men and women, we’re also looking at a men’s snowboarding debut on the big air, promising to be an absolute blast! Pros and ams in Russia’s largest snow park, an extensive sports and entertainment program and a ton of fun are certainly something to consider as a perfect highlight of your season this year.
Freestyle The Russian Way (And Scale)
In the last two days of the camp, 2018 Russian Freestyle Games takes place . The competition is officially featured in the FIS winter calendar, and any FIS registered rider can take part – as long as they believe they are fit to challenge others on a kicker with a table of more than 20 meters (!) built specifically for the event.
The competition will take place on March 24 and 25 in a number of disciplines: the traditional ski freestyle (men and women, big air and slopestyle) is joined for the first time this year by an independent men’s snowboarding event on the massive big air kicker. Will be hard to forget, this one! The prize pool will total one million rubles.
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