Driving truck above Rob's garbage truck

published Nov 2017 - 6,022 views

This dump truck session was more of a photoshoot than anything else. In February 2017, we drove to the famous Alta wallride in LCC hoping to jib the wall but there wasn't enough fresh snow to work with to build anything creative. While sitting in the car drinking cans and twisting spliffs, it seemed like the day was going to be a bust. Then an idea came to mind that initially started as a joke, why not build a road gap over the dump truck that was parked right in front of us. The outrun was fairly deadly but besides that the feature wasn't too unreasonable. Chase Mohrman got the session started and since no one brought a real video camera we proceeded to document the session on 50% charged iPhones. Somehow the iPhone quality exceeded all expectations and some of the photos ended up looking pretty top notch when printed out as posters.

Social media and the internet can really do wonders in terms of connecting people and experiences. When we released our short season movie last month, the owner of this garbage truck got tagged in the Newschoolers Facebook post by some of his friends and he seemed pretty enthused that his truck received such unexpected publicity. If one day you randomly see a movie cover online of someone doing a cork 7 blunt over your rig, you might be hyped too and that is what we are here for.. keep it surreal. Much love!!

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