Sun Valley Onesie (click info)

published Apr 2022 - 6,127 views

In the early 80', in Marseille, Edouard and Gilles Terzibachian, two brothers aged 26 and 19, decide to launch their own clothing brand.
United by their passion for mogul skiing, a sport, straight from the Sun Valley in the United States, the two brothers begin to use all their
creativity, and it was at the bottom of their garage that the SUN VALLEY brand will be born in August 1983, at the dawn of an unexpected success.

At the beginning, the two brothers made the first models themselves. Ski suits intended for the practice of their passion.

Combining technicality and style, they are designed in accordance with their values : passion for the mountains and new sports, desire for freedom and harmony with the environment.

The brand was very well received and quickly established itself in the market, notably through sporting event partnerships, which would strengthen Sun Valley’s reputation.

With its ski suits easily recognizable by their bright colors, the company quickly became a major player on the French market.

Credit: Kirk

Skier: Dominator Jacques

Location: Mt Bachelor

North America


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