Colmar Onesie / Jacques & Miss Lovely (click for info)

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Colmar was founded in Monza in 1923 by Mario and Irma Colombo as 'Manifattura Mario Colombo'. The name Colmar is an acronym made up of the first three letters of the surname ( COL ombo) and the first three letters of the first name ( MAR io) of the founder. In the first years of its existence, the company produced hats and gaiters made of wool felt.

In 1948 a close cooperation with the Italian Winter Sports Association began . The Italian skier Zeno Colò wore the first aerodynamic ski clothing from Colmar when he won the downhill race at the Olympic Winter Games in Oslo in 1952 . Well-known skiers of the time, such as Roland and Gustav Thöni , Erwin Stricker and Alberto Tomba , contributed to the general popularity of skiing in Italy, which also allowed Colmar to grow.

Credit: Unknown

Skier: Jacques & Miss Lovely

Location: Mt Bachelor

North America


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