yung statesman represent

we gonna' rule 'dis sh*t

cumin thru mysterious

u jus' so curious

knockin' tha' competition da' f*ck out

'dey delirious

i'm so f*ckin' serious

lil bird told me

'dis show is all cursory

waitin' fo' life to open beyon'

'dese cell walls

jus' codin' fo' tha' posterity

givin' tha' youth a modicum o' clarity

black an' white, 'dat's tha' severity

watch me flaunt

watch me taunt

watch run tha' whole f*ckn' game

'dis much powa'

it's f*ckn' insane

launch codes

secret in my meta-data

containment so necessary

lyrical firestorm on tha' track

it's wartime in tha' booth

feelin' real hungry

takin' a bite

sinkin' tooth

where are you

u jus' waitin fo' tha' attack

can't stop checkin' yo' inbox

yea, i rip it up

neva' gonna see tha' real champion cap

let alone wear it

'dat's right

target sittin' right here

i swear it

sixty four bars o' pressure

each line washin' ova' u like a praya'

it's tha' culture 'dat i dare

to step up an' step in

weigh in heavy

eight thousand onda' track

clearin' lanes

puttin' u on tha' stack

blaze 'dis roach

eat 'dis roach


i ain't a bug

i'ma a real f*ckn' thug

poppin' u wit' da' plug

i kno u hate me

u still wanna' hug?

too hard in hea'

neva' been mo' clear

'dis tha' muthaf*ckn' slaughta'