Hi, my name is Steffen Hamre, I am 20 years of age and come from way up north in Norway. I've been skiing for Salomon in Norway for two years now, and am super stoked to be on the team.

A week ago I arrived Frisco, Colorado for pre-season training. I'm here with a friend right now, but there is a lot of Norwegian skiers coming over before Christmas for the Dew Tour, Pk Hunder and Anders Backe to name a few. I am super stoked to be in the US right now, and it's my first time too. I have seen lots of video from training and contests took place in Breck or Keystone, and now I am here skiing with all the best riders in the world, so sick.

One of the goals is to actually see what takes to get better at skiing, really. You see all the guys in movies ripping it, and you starting to wonder how good they REALLY are.

 I'm currently hiking and hitting rails to get better. The rail parks over here are super-fun. I have learned so many tricks the first week, and I really hope this is going to be my season. Especially after last year’s injury in the first comp, which slowed down my skiing a lot. I got 8th in the WSI in Whistler, which was really really cool. Besides that, there are a lot of Salomon riders shredding the parks in the CO area right now. Simon Dumont, Mike Clarke, Bobby Brown, Nick Martini, AJ Kempainen, and me. Everyone is here, throwing it down, training for the upcoming season.

The Keystone A-51 park was fully under construction, and it won’t be long until I can go ski the really big jump-lines. Since I enjoy skiing jumps the most, Keystone and Breck is THE place to be, after seeing videos from last year. My plan for this season is to get a decent film-part in some movie, attend US Open, European Open, NA-Open, and maybe the WSI again. I am also having my very own comp in my home mountain in January, and also attending a few smaller comps in Scandinavia.  Another plan of mine this season, is to shoot some street rails. I have never really got into that before, but now that I have gotten better on rails it’s definitely something to look forward to.


Big shout out to Salomon who letting me write this blog, so that you all can get to know me, and get to know what I am up to!


Have a great season folks!


Steffen Renå Hamre

Check out what’s going on at http://www.steffenhamre.com