Konichiwa everyone!

here it is: the first update from japan. unfortunately i don`t have a possibility to resize my pictures, so there will be more once i get back to germany.

Here is the story: I flew into Tokyo on 19 th and landed there on 20th. The same night some other guy from Australia checked in the same hostel and said he will be in niseko too. for 4 weeks. rad.

The next day we walked around Tokyo and discovered so many things. unbelievable. Tokyo is a sick city, def go back there in March.  We met some more people and had mad fun, like we went to do karaoke one night.

After 2 days i left to go to sapporo on my own. I had chosen to go there by nightbus and train in order to save money and let me tell you: it was crazy! No one was speaking english between the two cities, sometimes i thought i would get totally lost but somehow i managed to get here after 19 hours. But it was worth it. I made some very good experiences and met some very friendly japanese.

Now im in Sapporo staying here for one more night and tommorrow i will finally go to niseko. Can`t wait to ski again. Has been a long time. It`s snowing right now and snow is supposed to continue trough tuesday. Doesn`t sound to bad. I am really amped.

here are some photos:

world famous shibuya crossing in tokyo

i love these vending machines. they are everywhere

went to a sumo tournament which happened to be really interesting

on the train to sapporo

we drove right next to the sea

some streetcorner in sapporo

some artwork

so hope you guys liked my first post from japan. The next one will be filled with snow, hopefully. Now i will go play woth my kendama and perhaps take a bath before i`ll eat some ramen hehe