well skiing aint that cool...i mean dont get me wrong I love all sport that relate to fridgid temperatures...but it has been getting a bad image...with the whole rollerblading side of thing threatening to ruin skiing forever I believe that i have a right to hate on it as its standing to destroy the one thing that i have the most fun participating in... i think we should tend away from the rollerblading aspect keep park tricks stock and take those stock trick into some 4ft deep japanese pow or a 40 ft cornice drop in Grizzly Gultch.. We are skiers and we need to remain that way and not be associated with any other sport( bar snowboarding becasue it is directly similar and in my opinion more fun than skiing). Im not saying get out of the park.. i love pressing some boxes and even the occasional sw up(which by the way is a big thing for me. If you dont already know i fucking hate sw ups)and park jumps are so solid and safe you can sesion them non stop for a whole day and love every second of it. I just want every reference and trick that spawned directly from rollerblading to not be performed as it makes me and alot of other people who share my views even to a certain extent a bit pissed off as well...i am going to continue to ski and love every second of it so it pretty much come down to. It would be dope if all the rollerbalding related things that exist in skiing were eliminated.



P.S you guys are all stoked out on Jossi Wells huh? Well if i get any intrest i can hook up a little edit with Jos kilin the PSP & Oakley Par and Pipe Masters... so yeah holla if ya wanna..peace