ian compton and myself went up to my lake house on thursday night. we did the normal thing, swim, waterski, wakeboard, cliff jump, trampoline, etc. here are some pics!

with the wakeboard rope


lets call it art

some more

im claiming my sick flying squirell

we have a mini trampoline on my dock. super fun, but my dog always jumps on you when you jump off.

big air

yes i got my dog to do it

cork 12

ian compton so hot right now

its hard being really really ridiculously good looking

on saturday, parker white and forest came by. we went wakeboarding, and learned that parker is very inexperienced, but more than hilarious to watch.

frontflip attempt, clearly stomped

ian on the wakeskis


yeah it was a fun weekend

i ll end with this pic cause i was pumped i got the shot