I dont know if its the best on earth, but since my brother runs and owns it, well it kicks ass naturally.

of course go here... http://www.maxrpm.ca

and if you live in Burlington ontario drop in to the shop on 3245 Harvester Rd.

if you dont ride, that sucks... i dont get to ride much either but you can always buy some kick ass t-shirts in the summer, or some sweet ogio bags.

anyways the real point of this entry was to show off the new bike graphics i designed for my bro. RPM sponsors some amateur riders in ontario and friends of RPM will be rockin these graphic kits for their bikes. Brendan at http://www.limenine.com printed everything and made some sick die cut stickers too.

heres what the stuff looks like

even the little rippers on a 60cc bike

i hear the kid riding that little bike is real fast, i might see him in action at the CMRC nationals in Walton ontario in august.

I was there last year snapping some shots, heres a couple just for kicks.

ive also been doin all the advertising for RPM, online and in magazines like http://www.racerxcanada.com

thats all for now.