the whole discussion about the footage of this tragic luge accident prior to the olympics in vancouver made me sick in some ways. imagine he would have survived and would be in coma or whatever. than noone would consider watching the video "wrong" or whatever as long as hes alive. you would still feel for the guy, but thats about it.i think our culture has a long way to go towards respecting death as what it is: a part of our live. it surely isnt the funniest thing on earth, but we have to (in the truest meaning of the word) live with it. other cultures at least dont act like humans are invincible.i know there is a small line between voyeurism and information in this area, but news are news and in our times it is just natural that a lot of deaths are videotaped. go watch french news. whenever there is an accident, a bombing or so, you will see close-ups of burned heads and seperated limbs. so imo, its just a cultural thing how you act in situations like this and not really an ethical question.i myself browsed ayrton senna's wiki page back in the day. he died in 1994 and i was too young to remember what had happened (i know that i watched it live, but dont remember anything). and even though you could argue that i am a nosy, sadist fucker to go on youtube and watch a video how he died, i felt like i had to do it and i wanted to know what had happened there. from there i went on to gilles villeneuve, jochen rindt and jim clark. these are people that knew that they could die every other second and i dont know why i shouldnt be allowed to watch footage of their accidents. its a part of their legacy and i think that we shouldnt act like nothing happened to them.and a very important aspect in favor of spreading footage of fatal sports accidents is that they generate a lot of public attention thus leading to the respective sports getting safer. imagine robert kubicas crash in montreal 2 years ago. without all the improvements in safety standards, he would probably be dead as well.with all that being said, RIP nodar kumaritaschwili and vibes to your family. what a sad start for the olympics. he was so young and noone wants to see anybody go before its time.