Hello again. I thought I'd give putting pictures on my blog another try. (hopefully it works this time). I'll also tell you about my weekend, because well - I fell like it.

So my weekend started Friday afternoon (at around 3pm) where me and some friends went and started getting our drink on while watching ski videos during the Rossland Film Festivle. Although it seamed like a good idea at the time, we were done by 10:30 and I was quite drunk.

The next morning we had to wake up early to drive to Nelson. We get to Nelson to find out that our friends are still sleeping, so we wake their ass's up and get ready to go up to Whitewater for the day for some pre-season skiing. Unfortunatly I forgot my ski boots at home, so I didn't get to join in on the skiing. There was a good amount of snow up at the base of Whitewater, well on it's way to an excellent base for the winter ahead. As well as tons of snow, they had a few rails and a small wallride set up right beside the lodge. People were saying that the hill was planning to open this comming weekend (well, only like half the mountain), I don't know if it's going to happen or not.

That night back in Nelson we got our drink on for a few hours before heading out to some bar (I don't remember what it was called, all I know is that the word HOTEL was on the roof) to watch Sweatshop Union. I was told the show was to start at 9pm, but apparnetly I was told wrong. There were no opening acts, and they didn't go on till like 12 or 1 or something. Most poeple I was with were on drugs, so they didn't notice, but I got a little bored sitting around waiting for them to start... They put on a good show once they were on though.

We left Nelson sunday morning to head back to Rossland, stopping off in Castlegar to look for a Wendy's (my friend had coupons), but apparently there is no Wendy's in the entire West Kootnay region... maybe in Creston? who knows. All I know is that when we got back to Rossland it was raining, and it was warm yesterday so a bunch of snow melted in town, and now when I woke up today, it was raining again. I haven't gone GTing in like a week, maybe I'll just drink some more.

And now to try out the whole pictues thing. You will find no pictures of skiing here. I am (trying) to post pictures of the fishing lodge I worked at. So here it is.

This is the helicopter we flew from Sandspit to the lodge in. It's the same model the president flys in. It's super nice with a washroom, 22 seats that are black leather, a waitress to give you food and stuff.

This is the lodge. It's built on two barge's, the right one is where the guests stay, and the left one is where the staff stays. They bring the barge's up from Richmond every summer.

Sunset from the dock. Did I ever mention how beautiful the Queen Charlottes are?

Some of the mountains surrounding Englefield Bay, The mountains there are different then other ranges in Canada, I recomend everyone try to get up there and check them out.


Guests out fishing with the ocean behind.

this was the biggest salmon of the year. not sure how much it weighed. The biggest fish of the year was a 305lb Halibut

sometimes people catch other stuff. This is an octopus. There were also numerous sharks that came in. I don't like when poeple bring in sharks, 'cause they normally don't want it's meat, just it's fin and teath. Stupid guests.

this is the chimney of the incinorator. since we are in the middle of nowhere, we burn all of our garbage. It's fun to burn stuff.

ok, so this picture has nothing to do with the fishing lodge. This was taken last summer while treeplanting. the one trying to lick the pole is my gf.