waste in garbage pick up junk and so on, and then hid in a corner of the tools they use low spell out the shoes. Note here, partially spelled shoes much like true, so a lot of people impersonating them shoes. Note: 1, people with common sense know that shoes are a complete process, using so-called original material (such as air) call quality is good is the stick 502 aircraft carriers, lie to cheat myself to others. And can say for sure, the so-called hard shoes are just a little part of the raw materials used, and various parts is not necessary (such nike free run as 42 soles with uppers of 41). (Of course there's the strongman full set of stolen parts but also meticulous division of labour I would not say), why the shoes easy to separate out the spell's shoes, the truth is here. 2, tailor-shoe is still fake shoes, and now it looks like a call what the original material will value higher, everybody knew that thing on

the top is for what.Totally fake shoes: your so fake, and we all know what it is. Simple points is 1, factory shoes a, products + b products + defective a, products authentic (from range Shang told), only authentic with real shoes box (has exception); 2, spell shoes not factory shoes, is fake shoes; 3, factory shoes does not necessarily is a, products, also contains rotten goods, factory shoes and cannot to you quality guarantee, only said told you is what place to of. There is no mysterious places. And truly be regarded as a product factory nike flyknit lunar 2 womens of shoes is also far from being flooded as it now is a shoe would dare to shout there are point of sale or foreign manufacturers what to eat? 4, the so-called non-OEM a product, a product of China's processing, the original flow genuine and so on and so on are covered with nose lying eyes, nonsense, even the grammar logic does not make sense to

ourselves. 5, factory shoe contains a products also contain b, also have defective piece (which includes production in process control of some products, such as dress shoes), when a shoe selling mystery and make a pair of masters like tell you when this is the factory of shoes, please be careful. If he says it's a steal, it is in trouble because of a product does not have any tags, full recognition of your own experience, please take caution not cheap. Just remember: good things like this far so much as he says. Four parallel: this claim a lot, but can be said to be the most pointless argument if someone mysterious, Sissy tells you what gray, it means no said anything of value. The term parallel imports is absolutely made in China, the original foreign contrabandOver stuff. Earlier in China, did not specify when the shoe factory, but do have parallel, most of shoes now made in China, gray,