1978, after the company's sales exceed $ 100 million, Blue Ribbon sports officially changed its name to Nike, this name has become synonymous with the billionaire today. Nike trademarks that famous "hooks," graphic, was bought for $ 35 design-the creation of a design student in Atlanta. Now people are seeing the small hook-like shape than the original a lot, but expressed a strong sense of speed and excitement. ADIDAS is a lot of people think that adidas air jordan 1 retro uk(Adidas) representative of the trademark three-blade design on a flower in full bloom, in fact it represents a map of the world, also means the founder of adidas AiDi·tesier sneakers the three strips that are sewn on. From 1949 through a change, tri-band logo, from the 70 's of the last century has been marking world map covered with three leaves. With the change of times, consists of three strips to three leaves or three petal

flower appeared, always focus on one word. Because it represents the spirit of adidas "equality, classic beauty and Supreme. "REEBOK Reebok (RBK) campaign reeling, Reebok decided to makeover opened heavy drumming, launched its advocacy of" high-tech production and outstanding performance of the product "concept. Its new logo was tailor-made to tie in with this concept, but in the original Reebok sneakers on both sides of the two strips and cross air jordan 3 retro uk on the basis of a little change, it is now common to see graphic. And it was with United Kingdom-meter flag logo will still be retained the classic series and the official logo of the company. FILA Italy Rome Fila (Fila) sports goods company in 1972, hired a Japan designers to design for the Fila logo. So with the letter "f" as the main element of the trade mark was born, and great Fila Italy boss's praise. The "f" letter very creative,

beautiful busty geometric patterns, with a strong aesthetic, and Italy has a long artistic atmosphere fits. So even today, Fila still have no intention of changing their labels. ASICS is 1993 years ASICs (aishikesi) after the company replaced a new concept marks. It was originally based on Greece's European and a Latin letter "α" to lowercase ASICs crowned. The Latin alphabet α (Alpha) position, after designer processing, the alpha is a spiral-shaped radiation body, represents the speed of movement (substances in the "alpha" particles) and dynamic. Trademark sense this idea, then, is to "scroll to the stars" to represent the universe of ASICs (aishikesi) into the potential developments of the 21st century, as well as the constant break-through improvements to maintain its "a" grade level of entrepreneurial spirit. Converse CONVERSE now (converse) over more than 90 years of