know, must first know.  at first you didn't. now you do. 

once this truth is present ignorance can have no place.  to claim it

would be a lie.  not a white lie but a lie that would uproot your

mental foundations at the heart of what you believe.  but this is not

the option....because you know.   the path is laid out so

plainly that to simply look down the path and act not, is to fail.  at one point

earlier in life failure was easy.  it was safe.  you thought nothing of

it.  it was your life to fail.  before truth, failure is the only

option.  now that this is understood, the present is to not only fail,

as failure is ok.  there is nothing wrong with it at all.  what is not ok is to not succeed. 

once success presents itself you must take it.  you must snatch it up,

not selfishly, but is there only for you and can be no

one else's.  your success is solely yours just as your truth is solely

yours.  once you know any truth there is no going back.  but there is

regression.  to have grown but to feel the lesser is something no one

anticipates.  it now becomes the struggle.  for once you know you must

maintain.  wait, simply maintain doesnt even quite cut it. 

you must overacheive to keep you head above the waterline of your new

reality...this is what i desired, what i fantasized about...but i had

no idea it would be accompanied with such a heavy burden.  in fact i

had pictured myself coming to these terms through a more calm, simple,

enjoyable at ease sort of way....if only i had taken the blue

pill...but that decision is long the ticket, take the ride...