“This is my best year ever, and I’m having so much fun,” said Willie

Borm.  Throwing 9's at 10 and now 12's at 11, Willie continues to raise

the bar for himself and other youth riders across the country.  After

meeting up with Sammy Carlson (Willie’s all time favorite) for an early

season warm up at Breck in mid December, Willie set high goals for

himself as he headed into the 2009 USSA competition season.

With flat

spins and rodeos under his belt, Willie has pulled down great results

thus far.  When you’re 11, gold medaling within your own age group for

Big Air, Slopestyle and Pipe for the Central Division is notable. The

perspective quickly changes when your overall placement in each

competition is compared to 50+ other Midwest competitors who range from

6 to 17 years old.  His 2nd overall in Big Air, 2nd overall in Pipe and

3rd overall placement in Slopestyle reveals the realities of Willie’s

drive and love for the sport.  If he could only catch the Midwest’s

Cody Ling.  Yeah Right!!!


In between competitions and shooting next year’s B-film, Are You Up For

It?, Willie’s eyes lit up when he visited Las Vegas for the first time

during SIA week.  He had a blast checking out Salomon’s gear for next

year, especially the Magic Suit and the new Shogun ski.  “I’m already

excited about next year and this year isn’t even done”, said Willie.


After placing 7th overall in Big Air at last year’s 2008 Junior

Olympics, Willie’s ski tips are once again pointed toward another

Junior Olympics entry.  Oh yeah, Willie also pulled down a B+ in

Science.  He must have been wearing the G-Suit to class.