it has been two TWO weeks since I've been skiing last. wow! I'd like to say i've gotten my life back but I donno if thats truthful. I find myself here for the second night in a row. on ns with nothing to do. but at least I have a reason this time. it's april vacation, and no one I know is home. I'm not leaving until monday, so I've been home chilling the past two days. least Easter is tomorrow. we're going up to my brother's house. it's amazing to have holidays there, because his wife's family is half italian half they bring all this italian food that we eat as 'appetizers' when they could really be the main meal. it's pretty much amazing and I'm going to get really fat. speaking of fat, and eating...I've noticed that I eat pretty much non stop now. it's not good. but then I play golf like eveyday which means a lot of walking so I kind of stay in shape!

....florida on monday. jea disney world then vero beach. gonna sit by the pool and do nothing. the only park I want to even go to is Epcot. maybe we'll go to sea world for a day too. who knows. its all so exciting.