\We Move Like Hurricanes

by Jerry Fagerberg

Our disease is circulating

Its far from perfect, but proliferating

Once it starts working there�s no debating

This hearts sheer inertia shall be devastating

Our world will know a new condition

The Old will implode through the transition

Things of wonder will grow and come to fruition

The inspiring way which beautiful notes find musicians

We are a class five hurricane

We marred all the what-were terrain

Here beneath the stars, the Earth is plain

Lets build ours in awe of what love first became

Though we mourn what came and fell

What before was worn, we know this well

Yesterlove was forlorn, in time-told farewell

We can form what can endure, we can try like Hell

The curvature that cracks my face

Your wry humour and ashen grace

The troubadour who aptly states:

The future is unwritten, if we hold what can erase