My love for flight started during infancy. My dad used to swing me around above his head, that's probably what started it all.

In middle school I learned how to fly gas powered model airplanes which proved fun, but left me only wanting the real thing.

I decided I wanted to be a commercial pilot (back when it was a decent profession) so I began taking flight lessons in 8th grade at 4 Lakes Flying School at the Madison Airport in Wisconsin. After logging some hours and getting the feel for it, my parents cut me off because they just couldn't afford the lessons any longer on their teacher/artist salaries.

I managed to take a few lessons through high school but never really was able to do it regularly. I still managed to fly a variety of planes from low to high wings, open and closed cock pits, and even a world war one home built replica, nice!

Well, although my dreams of becoming a commercial pilot quickly dissipated, my love for flying remained. Recently I decided I would like to get my private license (and then my IFR) and possibly own my own airplane.

So, today, I drove down to the front range (Boulder/Denver area) and interviewed flight schools. After settling on one, plunking down some cash, getting my ground school kit and buying a headset, I began my first lesson. It was the first time I have flown since high school. INCREDIBLE. I just flew around in circles making huge "S" turns, I almost forgot, it's just like skiing deep pow!

My ear to ear grin after landing....

Expect plenty of updates, complete with lots of in air photography. Wish me luck!