I'm impatiently hoping to wake up each morning to snow. I just want snow so bad because snow means skiing & winter, obvs. I've been sick the last week since my insomnia is eating me alive and tomato soup is mad good right now. School ain't for me.

Last night I went to the Warren Miller premiere Wintervention in Worcester, MA. It was soo sick! It got me pumped for skiing and the shots and views were ridiculous. Just looking at how people live with skiing all over the world was wicked sweet. I really hope to be one of those people that get paid to ski for their living. It don't gotta be much, just wanna do what makes me happy throughout my life.

Today I have work after school from 2-5. Then I'm going to go home to nap or tramp. Probably tramp if it's still light out.. I bet I won't nap either since my mind doesn't seem to like sleep.