ok heres the dea its an opinion and im allowed to voice it. Some people wanna hear it some people dont. Some people think George Bush is a good president, a hell of alot more dont... there are hundreds of charles ganier 1 footer, double tip grabbing, brokengrind supporters on NS because as im sure most of you know over 50% of this site reside on the eastern side of north america. Personally i used think all that shit was fucking gay and ruining our sport and that anyone that does it is fucked in the head. But upon meeting a certain mammoth local who was known to say. "if it feels good do it" made me understand that its cool if you wanna do it. I would love to see it stop it would make skiing better. I mean look at jossi wells the kid rips and is one of the funniest nicest kids you will ever meet and he drops his poles(note dropping poles aint nearly as bad as allthat east coast crap) but i still like him and his skiing is incredible ok i doint know where this is going and i think this whole thng contradicts itself over and over...aiight now that everyone is worked up ill chuck an edit together in like an hour and post it up....so you have something to do than brood over how much of an "anti progressionist" i am.