Creating the video effect similar to the Matrix's infamous bullet-time segments typically would involve about 40+ video cameras all synced up to each other, maybe a green screen, and some exceptionally elaborate editing to get a 4 second clip.

Instead of doing that, professional skier and video wizard Nico Vuigner rigged up his iPhone 6 to a fishing line and twirled it above his head. Sounds simple right? Well, according to Nico, it took" almost two years of tinkering and tweaking I finally achieved the result I was looking for." The result is a video unlike anything else I have ever seen in a skiing edit.

Want to try your hand at filming an edit like this? Vuigner will be releasing a how-to video on his YouTube channel in the very near future so stay tuned and start practicing your lasso skills.

In case you missed his edit prior to this of skiing at night with torches on his skis, click here.