The iF3 Movie awards kicked off the festival weekend on Thursday, September 24th. For those who had already arrived in the city, we took our seats and sat back to watch Doug Bishop and Reed Speedman take the stage. Newschoolers very own Mr. Bishop rocked a Red Bull Flabongo and we can only hope that he'll get invited back to host next year. As the awards rolled in, excitement for the films began to escalate. Small World took home film of the year, and based on the nominations, we could tell there were some good films awaiting us for the weekend.

Athlete Category

Discovery of the Year

Jacob Hyllengren / Bon Vivant – BRS

Rookie of the Year

Josh Daiek / Blank. The Movie – WeAreBlank

Best Female Park Performance

Lisa Zimmermann

Best Male Street Segment

JF Houle / Houligan: A Ski Story – JF Houle

Best Female Freeride Performance

Angel Collinson / Paradise Waits – Teton Gravity Research

Best Male Freeride Segment

Sean Pettit / The Masquerade – Super Proof Inc.

Amateur Category

Best AM Cinematography

Somnium – The Ridge Films

Best AM Editing

Dead End – Not So Local

AM Film of the Year – Presented by CFSA

Profile, Character on Skis – Midiafilm

Open Category

Best Female Short

Tatum Monod Season Edit

Best Short

Vecom Video – Fast Forward

Best Web Series

Salomon Freeski TV

Best Crash – Presented by Bern

Tom Leitner / Passenger – Legs of Steel

Best Single Shot

Passenger – Legs of Steel

Best Storytelling – Presented by Forecast Ski Magazine

For Lack of Better – Clayton Vila Studio

Best Urban Movie

Houligan: A Ski Story – JF Houle

Best Big Mountain Film

The Masquerade – Super Proof Inc.

Jury's Pick

Houligan: A Ski Story – JF Houle

Pro Category

Best Short Movie

Good Company Two

Best Editing

Passenger – Legs of Steel

Best Cinematography – Presented by Troublemakers

The Masquerade – Super Proof Inc.

Film of the Year – Presented by Chic Chac Lodge

Small World – Level 1 Productions

Newschoolers Launch Party @ TRH BAR

Not long after the awards finished up, the crowd began to make its way to TRH- Bar where Newschoolers hosted additional screenings and an evening of fun. TRH not only had a stage, an outdoor patio, and some of the finest of the ski industry, but many brought their skateboards along and shredded the bar's indoor skate ramp.

Maxime Messier photo.

In true Newschoolers fashion, we kept the party nothing short of rowdy. Chances are if you made it, you had the infamous Flabongo filled to the brim with beer shoved in your face (multiple times), and a GoPro roaming around in attempt to get the best shots for the next On The Road with Mr. Bishop. This was only the beginning, and by the vibes being tossed around on night one, it was clear that the rest of the weekend was going to be unforgettable.

FUCKING FLABONGO. Maxime Messier photo.

Stay tuned for the finest of recaps coming to you as we slowly (but surely) recover from the weekend and try our best to recall just what went down in Montréal for the 9th annual iF3.