While iF3 gave out some excellent movie awards highlighting the best films and athletes that premiered at the festival, we decided to dish out some post-festival awards due to these individuals notable behind-the-scenes performances.

Best Flabongo - Alex Beaulieu-Marchand

As seen in OTR S2EP1, ABM executed a flawless Flabongo. He began by showing off his luscious tongue, and finished without leaving a single drop of beer behind. And ladies... look at that face!

Best Dance Moves - Josh Malczyk

This category was a tough one. There were so many talented athletes hyped up on Red Bull giving us many contenders, but in the end we just had to go with Josh. Twig Spensley commented, "I have never seen dad moves as good as Josh's".

Best Street Segment - John Kutcher

Kutcher and his 'bike gang' are dedicated to their training for the upcoming season, even while at iF3. Therefore, they chose a mode of transportation much more extreme than an Uber or taxis- Bixi Bikes. All they had to do was shove their plastic cards into a machine and the city became their playground. Kutcher executed a stellar performance by leaving no set of stairs unridden. Stay tuned for his solo urban project to be dropped at iF3 2016.

Sorry For Partying Award - Stephan Chaikovsky

For losing his shoe on the first night and not even buying a new pair. It was a rowdy night for Stephan at the Newschoolers x iF3 Launch Party at TRH Bar. Perhaps Stephan, who was responsible for Sound Design in Level 1's Small World, was too excited that they won movie of the year and simply didn't notice when his shoe went missing.

Best Media Brand - Freeskier

Henrik, who was also a top contender for the 'Best Dance Moves' award, managed to get the most coverage of pros than all other media platforms combined.


Best Magazine - Forecast Magazine

Major props goes out to Jeff Schmuck, Travis Persaud, and the rest of the Forecast crew for their hard work. Forecast Magazine released the first edition of their new magazine at the iF3 festival. Print Isn't Dead!! Check it!

Best Female Performance - Tatum Monod

Because when there were 20 of us partying in her room and security knocked on the door and asked her how many people were there, she told him 6. She also won the award of best female short as the leading lady in Level 1's movie of the year, Small World.


Best Male Performance - Doug Bishop

Doug easily earned his spot as Most Valuable Player at iF3 Montréal. He probably slept less than any of the rest of us, drank more than the rest of us, yet still managed to keep his shit together better than any of us. Just watch On The Road iF3 if you need further proof.

Best Blackout - C-Bo

"Hoodcrew Fucked Yo Bitch".

Biggest Flirt - Jamie Walter

Jamie spent more time flirting with girls than at the bar. We don't know if he was actually off with Jane Doe or just shoving his face with poutine, but we'll trust his word on this one.


Best Interaction With Locals - Dan Brown aka Stan Brown (With the Montréal Fire Department)

Dan had a nice run in with the local fire department after falling asleep while cooking a late night snack of 4 eggs (after eating an entire box of mac and cheese)- needless to say they were not happy with Stan.

Best Hair - Gavin Rudy

No further explanation necessary. I don't know how Gavin, a boy from the suburbs managed to pull off this hair-do, but when combined with the headband it is definitely executed flawlessly.

Best Editing - Evan Heath

For his work in On The Road With Mr. Bishop - iF3 S2E1. A perfect blend of GoPro cinematography with a hint of party footage, this may just be the best OTR yet.


Who else deserved an award? Let us know in the comments!