A little delayed on this post but, between finals, skiing, and traveling home..I wasn’t too focused on tumblr. I’ve made it back to SLC just in time for the new year and to get a bunch of days in skiing before my final semester starts back up. My schedule is set up for 12 credits as well as ample time to ski. If all goes well, anticipate an abundant amount of content.

As many people are aware, this quad kink has been hit many times over the past few years. I’d like to say its appeal revolves around a process. It starts out with a deceivingly slow in-run that demands a very gentle “pop” in order to lock in correctly. The rail then transitions into a high speed roller coaster ride through numerous kinks until it launches you off the last flat. It finally ends as you touch down into a never ending field overlooked by the Wasatch Mountains. Sliding her straight and riding away clean on this beast is an accomplishment in itself. I’d say the most terrifying aspect of this rail is the thought and action of coming off early on the inside of the rail. Fall to far off to the inside and you can be sure to have a wrestling match with a plethora of rail supports. If you’re lucky enough to fall off on the inside but can keep it straight through the stairs, get ready to be bucked off the flat to your back. You’ll be left wanting another chance yet sucking relentlessly for air. There’s been no shortage of carnage to occur on these stairs.

I couldn’t believe how well this picture came out on my buddies Iphone. It was the golden hour of the evening and mt olympus was absolutely lit up! Thanks for the snap forester!

This rail also provided quite the battle. Air over a fence and hope you don’t come off early into the stairs. Don’t forget about the kink you have to take at high speeds..you’ll be sure to get bucked.

If you cannot recall a trick that’s been done on this classic dfd, you may want to take some time to catch up on your ski history..hell, just pop mutiny in or re watch Thalls seg from Wski106..regardless, coming back to this rail was a little eerie as I broke my ankle on it a couple years ago. I got caught up in the little cement closeout that you can see in the bottom left hand of this picture. Binding never released and that was that. Feeling ambitious and seeking redemption we set this up and got through it no problem. A weight was lifted and this rail was checked off of the list.

Salt Lake still has a plentiful amount of snow in the city to get after some spots. Keep your eyes peeled for more content.